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Excellent pest services from Cincinnati to Dayton

Empire Termite & Pest Control is the place to call if you need quality pest services in the SW Ohio area. Our company is experienced and our team is knowledgeable. We don't just ask you to take our word for the excellent services we provide to customers throughout the region. We've included below some wonderful testimonials from some of our satisfied clients. Feel free to browse, and call us with any questions you may have. There's a reason people call us "100% discreet bug exterminators".

Review from: Point Pleasant I Condo Association

 March 18, 2014

Dear Empire Termite and Pest Control,

Thank you for your expertise in service. We at Point Pleasant I Condo Association know that anytime a need arises for pest control there is only one company to call and that is Empire Termite and Pest Control.

I remember when we were first in need of a pest control company and received two different quotes from companies which were quite expensive. Then one of the investors in our property recommended Empire--he had used your company at his investment properties. We are very pleased to have received your company’s information. Empire is not only experts in their field; Mr. Messerman is always there when we need him. Example is a Saturday night at 9:30 pm I called him regarding an issue and he returned my call immediately and had everything arranged to begin treatments that Monday.

We have found that Empire is reasonably priced, reliable and we can fully trust Mr. Messerman’s company with any of our properties with no concerns of damages or losses of any type.

Thank you for being there for us, we greatly appreciate your business. Keep up the great work because we do not foresee calling any other pest control company other than Empire Termite and Pest Control.


Point Pleasant I Condo Association

Review from: Queen City Building Services

Queen City Building Services
614 Shepherd Drive
Cincinnati Ohio 45215

To whom it may concern:

Shane Messerman of Empire pest control been performing pest control services for our
company for over 18 months. He has been instrumental in helping us to set up an effective pest
-rnanagernent program at all of our properties. He has proven to be a professional asset to our
company and continues to' delivery excellent service and quick response times to all our needs.
We would recommend his services to anyone looking for a proven professional pest
management program with personalized attention to detail.


Keith Wittmeyer
G.M. Queen City Services

Review from Jay Zhao of Coy and Straight LLC

June 24, 2014

Dear Shane Messerman,

I would like to thank you and your company Empire Termite and Pest Control for your excellent service to our apartments located at 2704 Coy St., Cincinnati, OH 45219. Your expertise and service has been proved to the best I have ever received from any contract work.

Your treatment for bed bugs proves to be very effective. Starting from March 1st one of the apartments in the building reported a bed bug incident. The next day, you came to the building and examined the situation. A bed bug pesticide spray was performed, and a follow up spray was also performed two weeks later. Since the first spray, the bed bugs were never been seen again.

Such effective treatment prompted us for the second and third calls for the service in other units which also reported similar issues. Again, you performed initial and follow up treatments, and those units are now free of bed bugs.

In addition to your effective treatment, I was also very impressed by your courteous and prompt responses. I can always count on my communication with you through email or phone. Our appointments for your service were always on time which is not very common thing in the contract service in this area. You did it every single time. My compliment to your service would not be complete without mention of your education to us and our tenants regarding how to handle and prevent future occurrence of the bed bugs. With all the information you provided, we have taken some proactive measures to prevent potential bed bug issues in the property.

I very much appreciate your service and would definitely call you again if I need any pest control service. I would also not hesitate to recommend your company to others who would also need the similar services. Keep up the good work.


Jay Zhao
Coy and Straight LLC

Review from: Citimark Management

July 1, 2014

Empire Termite & Pest Control has been treating my apartments for five years.
This is a father and son team.

They have been able to exterminate our properties of:
  •     roaches
  •     bed bugs
  •     termites
  •     raccoons
in a cost effective manner.

I use them and recommend them whole heartedly. I previously used other exterminators, including ones from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

I would be glad to speak personally about their services.


Julie Barkalow
(937) 545-4919
Call today! (513) 267-1264
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