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Oxford Bug and Pest Extermination

Our exterminators service residences, apartment complexes, and businesses in the Oxford, Ohio area. Our pest control experts have experience in exterminating bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and termites. If you have an infestation or think that you might have one, contact us today!

Professional Pest Control in Oxford, Ohio

Discreet Exterminators in Oxford
At Empire Termite and Pest Control we can handle your extermination needs with discretion and efficiency. Empire Termite and Pest Control offers its services through unmarked vehicles, which means that you don't have to feel embarrased calling us to your house, business, or apartment.

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WDI Inspections in Oxford

Wood destroying insect inspections are normally a requirement during real estate transactions, and most mortgage companies require licensed exterminator companies to complete these inspections. Empire Termite and Pest Control is a licensed WDI inspection company, and our inspections are performed by well-practiced and well-trained exterminators. Our experts will examine areas of your home or place of business for signs of infestation from multiple wood destroying insects common in the Southwest Ohio area.

Apartment Complex Pest Control in Oxford

We work with apartment complexes in Oxford, Ohio to service their pest control and extermination needs. Whether your apartment complex is big or small, our services can get rid of your pest problem. At Empire Termite and Pest Constrol, we do not require long term contracts, but we can develop a weekly, bi-weekly or even a monthly service plan that suits the need of your apartment complex. We also provide on-call service so you do not have to wait a whole month if a problem comes up.

Bugs and Termites are active year round! So are we... Call us today (513) 267-1264