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WDI Inspections in Cincinnati & Dayton

It is ideal to obtain an inspection report from a licensed, experienced pest expert who utilizes advanced detection methods. Empire Termite & Pest Control has the credentials to provide you with a quality and thorough WDI report. Termites and other wood destroying insects can cause significant damage to a property in a short period of time. With this in mind, if infestation is noted in the WDI report, termite treatment & extermination should begin quickly.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection in Southwest Ohio

WDI Inspections
The Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) report, which may also be referred to as the NPMA-33, is commonly ordered during a real estate transaction. This report reveals the findings of a termite inspection by a licensed pest company. The inspection report may be required by a mortgage company or real estate lender. Property owners can also order a report at any time.

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What a WDI Report Tells You

Your WDI report will reveal any inspected areas that show signs of previous or active infestation by wood destroying insects. The report will also explain if conditions are favorable for an infestation even if there is no sign of a previous or current infestation. It is important to note that the inspection will not claim that the property is free of wood destroying insects. These pests can hide deep inside a structure and may not show any visible signs of infestation. Infestations can happen quickly, even after an inspection is completed.

The Inspection Process

We are a licensed WDI pest company. Our inspections are performed by a well-trained pest expert. We will examine areas of the home for signs of infestation from several pests. The report will identify if there are signs of carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites and wood boring beetles. We will examine a property for signs of live or dead insects, signs insects have been present on the property through tubes or other remnants. We will inspect to ensure that there are no signs of damage caused by these insects.

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